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Curriculum overview for Shrewsbury House - a leading day school for boys in Surbiton, London Sub Menu

This is a first class prep, where academic rigour is balanced by an equally strong offering in arts and sport.
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At Shrewsbury House, we follow a broad-based curriculum, allowing for boys to hone their skills in a myriad subject areas.

Our teachers are Subject Specialists, many of whom have taught at senior schools, thereby bringing a wealth of expertise and knowledge to help prepare boys for ‘life after SHS’.

Whether on the sports field, on the stage, musically, or in the classroom, every boy is encouraged to ‘have a go’. Expectations are high and best effort in all pursuits is a given. A progressive and varied curriculum is enhanced by residential trips - whether within the United Kingdom, or beyond its borders. Competitions, either in-house or interschool, provide wonderful opportunities for boys to showcase their talents and ability, and indeed, help foster a curiosity for learning. Classroom teaching is further supplemented by educational visits, hands-on learning sessions and visiting speakers, with much emphasis placed on cross-curricular learning.

Boys learn to research and extend their knowledge, engaging in individual projects, group work and presentations - often using ICT. They are taught examination techniques and receive training in study skills to enable them to become independent learners:


  • From Year 3, boys are taught almost exclusively by Subject Specialists;  
  • French is taught from Year 3 and Latin from Year 5; 
  • PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) is covered throughout the school and is included formally in a dedicated tutor period on a Thursday morning.  

Learning support is available for boys with learning difficulties and for those identified as exceptionally gifted and able. 

Parents receive progress grade report cards every half-term and two written reports per year on academic progress. As well as parents' evenings, which take place once a year, parents are welcome to discuss their son's progress at any time. 

Academic work is at the heart of what we do at Shrewsbury House. Our aim is to allow each pupil to develop his potential to the maximum. This means setting the highest academic expectations for each boy, and then developing the systems to monitor and support his progress. We believe that this allows pupils to achieve more than they could have imagined.

Whether your son is learning about the Vikings, constructing a pyramid, reciting ‘Dulce et Decorum Est', experimenting with Pythagoras, understanding the Solar system or travelling to Paris or Normandy to 'parler le français', each and every day offers an opportunity to be a part of the wonderful adventure that is learning. Our varied curriculum is further enhanced by our Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle) which takes learning beyond the classroom walls and into the home.

Alta Peto

Aim high. We certainly do. 

Mrs L. Macallister, B.A (Hons), HDE (PGCE)

Deputy Head - Academic

This is a first class prep, where academic rigour is balanced by an equally strong offering in arts and sport.
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