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Broad-based eclectic curriculum is delivered by a talented teaching team, much praised by parents.
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‘Bringing the world into the classroom and inspiring students to enter the world as responsible global citizens.’

Geography at Shrewsbury House seeks to inspire and enthuse pupils about the awe and wonder of the world around them, whilst also showing them their place in it and fostering values of good citizenship and multi-culturalism. We aim to stimulate interest and enthusiasm for Geography, to enable pupils to understand the conditions and the problems of life, both in the UK and in the world around them, and to help them understand why there is a need to solve such issues and how they may affect their futures. Geography at SHS aims to show pupils where they fit into the world as a whole, be it resting on Physical Geography, as an integral part of Human Geography, or responsibly through Environmental Geography. In this regard, the subject is inherently multi-cultural in its outlook. Indeed, it is our aim to see ourselves as part of the ‘world community,' our continental community, the British community and the local community.

Geography topics include:

  • helping pupils attain a greater knowledge, understanding and appreciation of their own country and providing an important element of a person's general knowledge (e.g. global location) and skills (e.g. map reading);
  • giving pupils an opportunity to gain an insight into both the issues within and benefits of living in this country, whilst also allowing a comparison to be made between this country and the rest of the world;
  • understanding the major natural processes of the world and their influences on people (e.g. tectonic processes, the influences of weather and climate in various areas of the world);
  • teaching pupils how the world around us is changing including the lessons that have been learnt from the past (e.g. population and settlement studies).

The subject encourages thought, investigation and deduction (both in the classroom and through external field work), as well as learning and graphic skills and, therefore, plays an important part in the curriculum, as it complements the skills of many other subjects.

Mr R Mackay, BSc, PGCE

Head of Geography

Broad-based eclectic curriculum is delivered by a talented teaching team, much praised by parents.
Good Schools Guide
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