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The Headmaster runs the ‘Headmaster’s Club’ in the Autumn and Spring terms for year 7 & 8 boys.

The Club provides lectures, discussion and workshop theatres on a varying range of subjects and is intended to be thought-provoking for the boys. 

Recent Headmaster’s Clubs have included the following lectures: 

  • The Holocaust, presented by Eva Schloss, Anne Frank’s step-sister; 
  • The Work of The Datum Foundation (helping disadvantaged children in Africa and Asia); 
  • Nursing in War Zones; 
  • The Work of The British Antarctic Survey; 
  • Insights into Blindness; 
  • Camels of the Gobi Desert; 
  • Bicycling Around the Earth; 
  • AMREF (AMREF is Africa's leading health development organisation, saving and transforming people's lives in the continent's poorest and most marginalised communities); 
  • The Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe; 
  • The ‘Flying Doctors’ of Eastern Africa; 
  • Self Defence; 
  • Narconon, Drug Awareness; 
  • Royal Shakespeare Company workshops; 
  • James Campbell (Storyteller/Writer); 
  • A History of the Ashes. 


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