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Throughout the year we take year groups on a variety of 'musical' trips, such as the excellent Royal College of Music concert series aimed at the younger audience. They feature the first class student orchestra with a commentary to illuminate aspects of the classical music being played. 

The Year 3 boys are treated to a behind the scenes tour of White Lodge in Richmond Park. As well as being home to the Royal Ballet School it is a building of huge national importance being both the official residence on the birth certificate of our present Queen and famously where the Battle of Trafalgar was planned.

We are currently in the process of establishing exciting residential music group tours abroad and recently the SHS Singers went on a tour to Prague. The boys sang in some of the finest churches in the city to very appreciative audiences as well as having the opportunity to explore this beautiful and historic city.

Prague Tour - October 2015

Our second concert in St. Nicholas’ Church, Prague by Alexander Beverton-Smith 6R

Entering the beautiful church, light flooded into the darkness, making the arches shine and dazzle. The stained glass window with unusual shapes and angelic colours, brightening the church like a God. Silence hung in the air suspended – a pause, then bursting through, the babble of speech from boys, girls, and parents. As we prepared ourselves, the audience went quiet; an eerie silence was created in the room.

An excited audience waited tensely for the SHS singers’ second concert at St. Nicholas’ Church in Prague! I was anxious and ecstatic; it was thrilling to be in a holy church singing in front of a large audience! We stood up, as straight as soldiers, everyone was shaking with nerves. Starting, we were confident and soon were on our second piece with a dreamy, relaxing feel to it like a ballet. It felt wonderful!

I was singing with boys from nine years old to thirteen years old. The audience was staring at us amazed and they seemed very friendly which was fortunate! The audience from what I could see, were in awe of our performance. There was a rusty, dusty smell and it was because the grand old church was covered in layers of dust! A smell of burning candles filled our noses and I looked and I saw a giant, glistening chandelier full of glass! It was like the biggest sparkling diamond.

Listening to our voices I was fascinated at what angelic, heart- warming songs we sang. There was a magical, delightful aura of breath-taking sound we made every time we sang. I could feel the soft familiar music and comfortable, smart shirts we were wearing at all our concerts in Prague because they were smart and formal.

When we had finished our last song it felt amazing! We had done it. All the people were congratulating us and smiling. Mr. Morris was beaming at us and saying how well we had done. It was definitely worth the experience and I would like to thank everyone for it.