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School Fees 2017-18

Registration Fee £150

Deposit – please see our admissions process information 

Fees Per Term:

Years 3-8  £6,020

School Bus Service £210 per run, per term.

Please note that additional fees will be charged for other items and activities, such as (but not limited to) after school clubs, music tuition, school trips and expeditions.


The Governors are dedicated to widening access to a Shrewsbury House Education. Each year we are able to offer some financial support to parents of boys with significant academic, music and/or sporting potential, who would otherwise be unable to afford the fees.

We welcome bursary applications from parents who require financial assistance for their son to join us in Year 3 (i.e. aged 7+) or, exceptionally, at other ages depending on vacancies occurring within the school. Means testing is used to determine whether a bursary is to be awarded and to what value. Parents applying for bursaries will be asked to complete a means test form. All information will be treated as confidential. Successful applicants will also be required to furnish information annually regarding their current financial circumstances, so that the level of award can be reviewed and adjusted where necessary.

Shrewsbury House offers a wide and challenging scope of opportunities to its pupils. Accordingly the Headmaster and Governors are concerned that bursaries should be awarded to boys whose parents fully believe in and support the school’s philosophy, and who, with their parents’ support, can cope with and exploit the opportunities offered to the full. Candidates and their parents are, therefore, invited to visit the School, tour the facilities and undergo interview and assessment. For further details, please contact the Headmaster’s Personal Assistant,

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