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The programme for sport varies from term to term. It is wide ranging and offers the boys at Shrewsbury House School the opportunity to try new activities or develop further their skills in their current sports.

The majority of pupils would choose at least one sport or activity to participate in after-school. There is always a huge choice of after school or other sports on offer with boys having the opportunity to participate in (and often compete in) a variety of sports:

Golf  - the Golf playing boys at Shrewsbury House School have enjoyed remarkable success recently including victory in the IAPS National U13, U11 and Team Competitions. Johnny Griffiths runs the School's Golf team.

Tennis  - is supported through multi-age league competition with other local schools and as an after school club.

Basketball -  is delivered as part of our Physical Education programme.

Sailing - those pupils who excel at Sailing are supported through local and National competition.

Fives - Shrewsbury House School is lucky enough to have two Fives courts that also form the foundation for the school’s War Memorial. Boys have the chance to play Fives at break time and we have had pupils compete in National competition.

Biathlon - can take two forms: either a Shoot/Run combination or a Swim/Run competition. There is a successful House Shoot Biathlon competition and, through our Swimming programme, we also look to support boys in Swim Biathlon and in the IAPS Triathlon competition. Mr Davison is in charge the Biathlon/Triathlon teams.

Cross-Country - there are many local events and in recent years we have increased the opportunity for boys from Shrewsbury House School to compete in this sport. The Cross-Country programme is run by Mr. Davison.

Table Tennis - is always popular and is delivered through our after-school programme.

Fencing - is delivered by an expert external coach after-school and always proves popular.

Shooting – the rifle club at Shrewsbury House School is one of the oldest in the world and has a proud tradition and record. It is run with great success by Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Francis as part of the school’s extra-curricular programme.

Judo - is delivered by an expert external coach after-school and always proves popular.

Badminton - is catered for by an experienced external coach and is delivered in the school’s indoor facility.

Dodgeball - is delivered by an expert external coach after-school and always proves popular.

The After School Activities/Sport programme also includes opportunities for boys to hone their skills in the three core sports of Football, Rugby and Cricket.

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