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Headmaster's Latest Newsletter 15th September 2017

As the first full week of the autumn term fades, it has been fantastic to see how well so many boys have tackled the challenges they face in the new academic year. In the several opportunities that I have had to speak with the new boys, I have been impressed with their enthusiasm and resilience at the start of a new chapter in their lives.

Headmaster’s Assembly

In my Headmaster’s Assembly on Monday, I discussed with the boys the responsibilities which must exist alongside the rights that so often are taken for granted. I asked them what they felt they were entitled to and one boy, quite rightly, said “education”. I mentioned that the good fortune of enjoying privileges carried responsibilities, not least to make the best out of the opportunities your education affords you. In Wednesday’s Assembly my focus was on the importance of manners and how, to quote William Horman, “Manners maketh man”.  Horman, the headmaster at Eton and Winchester in the 15th century, stressed how our manners and civil behaviour make us human. I explained to the boys that good manners are a fundamental part of the School’s ethos and are vital in society, not least because others will judge you by the way in which you respect them.

Merit Badges

In Wednesday’s Assembly, I also had the privilege of awarding Merit badges to a large number of boys. It is always a great pleasure to recognise the efforts of the boys and these badges were awarded for the final Work Card of the summer term. Just a reminder for new parents that Merit badges are awarded if boys have achieved a B grade or above for their effort in each of their academic subjects. Huge congratulations to all of the boys concerned. A full list of names can be found on our website:

Commendations – Smiley Face Awards

Smiley Face Awards are awarded to boys in Year 3 for consistent good conduct, kindness and helpfulness. The boys get to proudly walk around for the week wearing a large smiley face badge and are congratulated by staff as they move around school. The worthy recipients from the end of last term were Joshua Hall, Luke Jeffery, Josh Patel and Adham Karsou-Mubarak, all of whom are now in Year 4. Well done boys!

Artist of the Week

Our first Artist of the Week this academic year, is awarded to Pip Samuels in Year 4. Mrs Gravenor, Head of Art, said “Pip’s lively harvest composition really impressed me this week. He has worked hard to show marks and energy in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. Well done!” Congratulations Pip! To see the picture in its full colour splendour, please look on our website:

New Parents’ Dinner

It was a delight to welcome our new parents to dinner at Shrewsbury House last Friday where connections were forged amongst parents and staff. I hope that those who attended took the opportunity to meet fellow parents and reflect on what, I’m sure, will be a full and exhilarating journey through Prep School for parents and boys alike.

Parent Briefings – Year 5 and 6

We enjoyed welcoming Year 5 and 6 parents this week to the first Parent Briefings of the year and hope that you found the evening helpful and worthwhile. Please award yourself A+ for effort for getting to the School despite the horrendous traffic caused by a crash on the A3!

History Trip to the Houses of Parliament

On Tuesday, the boys of 8S, 7S and the School Council set off to visit and tour the Houses of Parliament. Mr Smart, Head of History, said that it was a very memorable day for the boys and all should be congratulated on being fantastic ambassadors for the school. Please use this link to access the full report of the trip:

Bollywood Dancing

Jay Bhatia, in Year 7, not only performed at his end of year production at his Bollywood dance class over the summer, but he also performed at the London Asian Festival in Richmond. Marvellous work!  

Top Gun

Well done also to Joshua Cheong in Year 7 who was awarded Top Gun in a 20-Bore clay pigeon shooting competition held at Bisley over the summer. He also won the same award for Air Rifle at a Young Shots Day.

Please do continue to inform your son(s)’ tutor of any noteworthy successes that we should recognise in school.

Football tournaments

As alluded to in last week’s newsletter, last Saturday, SHS hosted seven other schools for an U11 football tournament at Almshouse Lane. The 1st team were also competing and travelled to Hoe Bridge to enjoy their 6-a-side tournament. Well done to all the boys who played in both tournaments. A full report can be found on our website:

And finally…

At the end of the first full week of the academic year, I am sure that your son(s) are looking forward to relaxing at the week-end. Enjoy!

Kevin Doble






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