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Headmaster's Latest Newsletter 17th November 2017

This week it has been rather quiet around the corridors of SHS. Most of the boys have been working extremely industriously on their subject papers and Exam Week has been in full flow. I have been very impressed with how the boys have taken their exams in their stride, echoing my sentiments about effort and the rewards of hard work. It will be wonderful to see all the boys and their families celebrate today with the Inter-House Football Tournament as the week comes to an end.

Plus Prizes

Many congratulations to the boys who have received their first Plus Prize this academic year:


Heath Bowcott, Orlando Bowcott, Theo Broby, Rafe Buxton, Santi Cutler, Stefano Di Rico, Zach Gibbon, Oscar Iannotti, Carter Jenkinson, Matthew Moffatt, Finlay Sanders, Anton Stepanek, Max Turner and Jeremy West.


Henry Collins, Myles Dickinson, George Hennessy, Thomas Incledon, Luke Jeffrey, Adham Karsou-Mubarak, Connor Lloyd, Toby McIlroy, William Moore, Josh Patel and Tom Saunders.


Thomas Hill, Conrad Lai, Azooz Memon, Fabio Memon, Alfie Mitchell, Seva Musatov, Barnaby Norris, Alex Pattullo and Luke Williams.


Jasper Cole, Luther Dent, Luke Higginson, Ali Jan, Hamish MacLennan, Stein Mackintosh, Theo O’Donnell, Tian Patel, Arun Stewart, Benjamin Stone and Frederick von Kaltenborn.

House Scores:           

Raleigh:   51.34            Drake:    49.76                Nelson:    48.98             Grenville:   48.25

Lao Rugby Delegation

This week Mr Davison has had the pleasure of hosting three senior rugby coaches from Lao as part of SHS's continued support of sporting and education development in the South East Asian country. The delegates have been observing and learning about how we present rugby coaching so they might develop their own coaching practices. As part of the itinerary, Mr Davison also took the three coaches to observe Harlequins RFC training, which apparently caused much excitement amongst the visitors! Touraid, the rugby charity which is overseeing this expedition, originally established the link in Lao in 2015 and SHS have supported them ever since. Conversion is a charity sports shoe collection project started and run by Mr Blevins, who is a SHS parent. For the past 18 months, SHS families (supported by other organisations, such as Teddington RFC) have been incredibly generous in donating around 800 pairs of sports shoes and boots, which are then sent over to Lao. Mr Blevins will be continuing to ask for donations of sports shoes and small cash donations in the New Year. We will provide parents with full details, should you wish to donate, in the spring term.

Year 3 Pyramid Competition

I was delighted to present five Year 3 boys with prizes in Headmaster’s Assembly this week for their marvellous pyramids. The Year 3 boys have been studying the history and wonders of Ancient Egypt, one of the oldest most colourful ancient civilisations of human history. Throughout their first term, the boys have looked at various aspects of Egypt such as the importance of the River Nile, the religion of Ancient Egypt, and of course the pyramids.  The boys have learnt in class how and why pyramids were constructed, and about the possible traps left inside them.

To reinforce their study of Egypt and the pyramids, all the Year 3 boys were asked to make a model pyramid over the half-term break. This has proven to be a very popular project and we received a bumper crop of models made from various materials such as clay, wood, plastic, paper and card as well as Lego. We had to discourage ones made from food, though!

The standard of pyramids the boys produced was extremely impressive with more than 50 models submitted, varying in size, colour and complexity. Many congratulations to the following boys:

Class Winners

  • 3A Charlie Wilson-Papps
  • 3B Reuben Galaun
  • 3C Oliver Boosey
  • 3D Patrick Denham

      Overall Year 3 Winner

      Tom Saunders (3C)

The following Year 3 boys were close runner-ups and have been awarded Head of Year Commendation Certificates.

  • Luke Adams 3B
  • Jayden Ashdown 3B
  • Charlie Birch 3D
  • Noah Brownlow 3C
  • Luke Curle 3D
  • Adam Davies 3A
  • Myles Dickenson 3D
  • Thomas Hill 3A
  • Ali Jan 3D
  • Felix Lahnstein 3C
  • Alex Love 3A
  • Archie Rae 3B
  • Alex Senny 3C
  • Charles Sinclair 3C
  • Arun Stewart 3A
  • Edward van Wijingaarden 3A

And finally…

After exam week and all the excitement of the Inter-House Football Tournament, I do hope that the boys (and their parents!) enjoy a well-deserved, relaxing week-end. Enjoy!

Kevin Doble



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