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Year 8 Normandy Trip 5th November 2014

Year 8 Normandy Trip

During October half term, Year 8 went off to Chateau de la Baudonnière. We arrived there at 8.20pm French time, after travelling throughout most of the day.  We soon had a lovely dinner and went to our dormitories. In my dorm, we got to sleep quite quickly.

Next morning, we had our first breakfast at the Chateau. We had hot chocolate, bread, croissants, and some cereal. This lovely breakfast kept us going throughout our morning activities. My groups’ first activity was the assault course. We were well prepared, having seen last year’s pictures. We all found it fun, and so did the teachers.

Throughout the week, we enjoyed many more activities, including climbing, fencing, and orienteering. In the evenings, we had activities. We enjoyed the campfire, the games evening and the talent show. On the last day, we dressed up in creative costumes and performed a talent show. The winner of the costume competition was William Law, dressed up in a homemade snail costume. The winners of the talent show were Iacopo Di Rico, Tommy Chedumbrum, Daniel Marriot and Guy Laville. On behalf of all the year eights, we all had great fun and learnt lots of French and I hope that next year’s group and the years afterwards will have a great time there too.

by Edward Birchall with help from Dowon Jung

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