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Royal Ballet School Visit 12th March 2015

Over the last two Wednesdays the Year 3s were treated to our annual visit to the Royal Ballet School, White Lodge in the beautiful setting of Richmond Park. Both trips were fortunate enough to have lovely spring weather and the historic building looked both elegant and majestic in a wonderful reflection of some of the dancing we were treated to.

After being seated in the Salon with views over Queen's Ride the boys were given a brief history of the Lodge. This included gems like how after a banquet, Lord Nelson outlined his plans for the Battle of Trafalgar by drawing in port wine on the white table cloth and how our present Queen's early life was spent in residence there. The boys were even photographed on the same steps that she was as a baby!

Next we visited the museum where the boys went on a voyage of discovery all the while being accompanied by some music I had arranged while I was still working there. (It was as much a surprise to me as it was to them!) After some squash and photos we went on a site tour which is not normally available to the public. We saw their dormitories, where they eat and relax, where their academic lessons are held and finally as a climax to the trip we were allowed to view some ballet lessons going on. This is really a special privilege as it is normally strictly off limits but our boys gazed in amazement at the Year 11 girls and boys dancing with serene focus. We did however manage to get a couple of waves from the ballet pianists who recognised our distinctive blazers from last year!

All in all the Year 3s were introduced to an elite and rarefied world that few get the opportunity to experience the inner workings of and I'm sure they both enjoyed and learnt much from the experience.

Mr. Morris

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