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A Celebration of the 13+ Boys’ Prep School 2nd October 2015

On Thursday, Shrewsbury House, in partnership with Rokeby School and King’s House School, welcomed 150 parents and guests to take part in an Education Symposium addressing the benefits of educating boys in a 13+ Prep School.

Headmaster Kevin Doble introduced a number of topics and questions related to prep school education for boys, focusing especially on the final two years, Years 7 and 8. The audience were able to hear from, and ask questions of,  a panel  of distinguished Senior School Heads consisting of Mark Bailey, High Master of St. Paul’s; Patrick Derham, Head Master of Westminster School; Jim Hawkins, Head Master of Harrow School and Tim Haynes, Headmaster of Tonbridge School.

In particular the discussion highlighted the importance of the relationship between Prep schools and Senior schools, as well as exploring the rationale and merits of a 13+ entry from a number of different perspectives.

Matthew Cook

Trust Head of Marketing

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