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Gary Northfield Author Visit Report 6th May 2016

Shrewsbury House & Shrewsbury Lodge were thrilled to welcome author and cartoonist Gary Northfield to talk about his books based on tales of Roman rescues, which stars a zebra gladiator.

Gary had a passion for comics as a child and through persistence has carved a career doing something he loves!

When Gary was a young boy he had a passion for comics, creating his own and selling them at fairs,  one being Barry the baked bean who escaped from a bean tin….we were all amused!

He went on to talk about his time drawing for Beano and National Geographic, and how through his passion for science and history he landed the dream job  for Horrible Histories/Science comics.


Gary shared tales of Julius Zebra and showed the audience, staff included, how to create their own zebra characters. He asked the audience for facts on the colosseum fortunately the boys were well prepared, as during their library lesson there has been lots of interaction and research on Rome also talking about Gary’s books. Benji Paul 3JMA told Gary the colosseum  was named after the very large colossal statue of Emperor Nero. Sahaan Kapoor 4CCG was invited to participate dressed as a gladiator giving us a demonstration on gladiatorial fighting. Gary read an extract from one of Julius’ latest adventures, leaving them with a cliff hanger about the zebra! Jimmy Sinclair 3JMA was so desperate to find out what happened to the zebra he waited until the end to ask Gary what page he had read from.

Gary’s third book in the series has got us all excited… Julius is off to Egypt! Fun was had by all!!!

Mrs H. Thorowgood


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