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Year 5 Expedition Week 6th July 2016

For Expedition Week, Year 5 travelled to Grosvenor Hall in Kent, to spend the week at the Kingswood Centre. The purpose of the Centre is to provide opportunities for children to work together as team members, creating plans and solving problems, as well as reacting positively to different challenges. The Shrewsbury House Year 5 boys enjoyed some busy and action packed days, that involved two sessions of activities in the morning, three activity sessions in the afternoon and then a further two sessions in the evening.

After arriving at the Centre on Monday afternoon we were quickly put in to groups of 15 to take part in problem solving activities, or to take on the aerial runway, a zip wire, before the completing the  ‘trail of mystery.' This was a mystery murder challenge where the boys needed to collect clues from around the Centre, to solve the mystery of who committed the crime.

Over the rest of the week the boys took on a number of challenges, such as climbing ‘Jacob's Ladder,’ where they had to devise a plan to climb up a ladder, where the rungs of the ladder get further apart the higher that you climb. They also did outdoor climbing and orienteering exercises. Another challenge designed to develop team work was ‘nightline,’ where all the boys in a group were blind folded and had to work together to complete an obstacle course. There were also activities that involved problem solving skills, such as the ‘bottle rocket,’ where the boys had to fill a bottle with water and then calculate how much air pressure they would need in order to ‘fire’ the bottle rocket! In addition to this they also played volleyball, enjoyed the 3G swing and played an indoor laser game. On Tuesday evening, we had movie night, which was a good opportunity for everyone to relax a little after a hectic day.

On Wednesday we had a day away from the Centre and travelled to Dover, where we had a tour of Dover Castle and the boys particularly enjoyed climbing to the top of the keep. From here we ventured on to Canterbury, where we had an exciting and informative tour of Canterbury Cathedral. The boys particularly enjoyed hearing the story of Henry II and Thomas Becket, and were even able to see the place where Becket was murdered by knights loyal to Henry II in 1170. We returned to Grosvenor Hall that evening and after dinner took part in a quiz.

On Thursday and Friday the activities continued at the Centre and these included some new games and challenges such as aeroball, where basketball skills are utilised whilst bouncing on trampolines! The boys also did 'marble motion,' where runways for marbles were designed and created by teams to see who could get their marble to travel the furthest. After lunch on Friday we returned home for some rest and recovery after a thoroughly enjoyable week.

Please visit our media gallery to see some photos from the trip -

Miss A. Hawtone

Head of Year 5

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