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Rob Lloyd Jones - Author Trip to Hinchley Wood School 8th March 2017

On Tuesday Year 7 were lucky enough to be invited to Hinchley Wood School and listen to a talk by author Rob Lloyd Jones. Rob shared his inspirations and talked of his early struggles with writing, which he overcame to become a successful author.                                                                                                

Rob is author of the ‘Wild Boy’ series, as well as many non-fiction books. He spoke about the first title in his new action adventure series, ‘Jake Atlas and the Tomb of the Emerald Snake’. Drawing on his own experience of studying Egyptology, then archaeology and living in Cairo, Rob has written this fast-paced novel which combines the excitement of Indiana Jones with the high-tech gadgetry of Mission Impossible. Rob explained how so many things that had happened to him during his life were inspirations for the new book, including details of his own family. 

Following this insightful talk, Rob answered many of the boys' questions in a fascinating question and answer session.

Q - Thomas Birch – Why did you study hieroglyphics?

A - Rob – Studying Egyptology at University led to learning hieroglyphics there are over 720 signs in total.  Most people learn Spanish, French, and German.

Q - Kasper Skrumsager – What was your best experience in Egypt?

A -Rob – Working on the conservation of the Temple of Ramsus 11.

Q - Lucas Deverill – What would you be today if you weren’t writing books?

A - Rob – Probably still writing adverts for nappies, dog food etc.

Q - Andrea Corte – What do you do in your spare time?

A - Rob – Watching movies, movies were my main education in story writing it taught me how to tell stories.

Q - Will Harris – What do you think are behind the walls of the tomb of Tutankhamun?

A - The tomb of Nefertiti (Tutankhamun’s Mother) He was buried with a lot of his Mother’s priceless art including the mask of her face.

Many thanks to Hinchley Wood School for inviting us!

Mrs H. Thorowgood


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