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8S Visit to Google 11th May 2017

On Tuesday, the boys in 8S visited the new offices of Google in London. This was a rare privilege as visitors are not often allowed inside the facility but it had been kindly arranged by one of our parents.

On arrival, the boys were given a tour of the facility. They were impressed by the open-plan offices, the kitchens and cafeterias that were well-stocked with free drinks and snacks for the staff and the facilities that included a large gym and a balcony with views across London.

We were next shown around the YouTube studios, three full-spec film studios, equipped with cameras, lights and all the latest technology and free to use to YouTube video creators with more than 10,000 subscribers. They boys saw two videos being set up, including an interview set and a cosmetic demonstration video.

Following the tour, the boys returned to their boardroom base for the day where we received a number of presentations. Topics covered included the future of computer gaming, robotics and Artificial Intelligence and we were treated to a real insight into the kinds of projects and problems that staff at Google are wrestling with. Boys (and staff!) were also able to try out a Nintendo Switch console and a Virtual Reality headset, even drawing pictures on the face of the moon.

Overall, it was an incredible day and the boys learned a huge amount about technology and about a modern workplace. We are very grateful to Mr Cory and his colleagues for all of their work  in putting together such a special school trip.

Mr M. Chessum

Head of Scholars

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