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Mock General Election 2017 25th May 2017

With next month’s general election falling in the middle of exam week, Shrewsbury House has today held its own mock election. In assembly this morning we enjoyed the hustings with Joshua Law representing the Conservatives; Will Hewes and Yousef Ajeena (Labour); Michael McNally and Nicco Bargioni (The Green Party); Sam Murphy and Morgan Jones (Liberal Democrats) and Max Mellor and Fraser Cory (UKIP). Each party gave a 90 second speech on their principal policies and then the rest of the boys had the opportunity to ask questions.

During period 1 the boys voted and at morning break the results were announced by the Returning Officers: Hector Stokhuyzen and Eddie McMillan. The results were as follows:

Conservative Party: 99 votes

UKIP: 27 votes

Labour Party: 49 votes

Green Party: 39 votes

Liberal Democrats: 98 votes

Mr M Chessum

Head of Scholars

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