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IAPS National Triathlon 12th June 2017




Very well done to the Shrewsbury House boys who challenged themselves to swim, bike and run in the IAPS National Triathlon. In wonderful conditions (in stark contrast to last year!) all the pupils competed extremely well – giving maximum effort to all disciplines. Our thanks to the excellent hosting by Dulwich Prep (Cranbrook, Kent) and we look forward to supporting another Shrewsbury House entry next year.

Y5 Team:

Oliver Casebourne, Ben Gibby, Hugh Jacobs, Rafe Buxton, Arthur Pearce-Higgins

Y6 Team:

George Turner, Cameron Elliott, Ben Knight, Rafiq Kasumov, Kit Derrick

Y7 Team:

Hugh Wason, Jay Doshi, Kai Lam-Denham

Mr Davison

Director of Sport

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