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Problem Solving Workshop 15th June 2017

On Monday, the school was visited by the Problem Solving Company. The instructors ran one hour workshops with all of the boys across the school, challenging them to solve Maths puzzles. Younger boys focussed on shape puzzles, completing tangrams and building cubes out of large but awkwardly-shaped 3D pieces.

The older boys attempted the ‘Escape Box’. This puzzle, based on the popular ‘Escape Room’, involved a large wooden box, locked up with padlocks. As the boys solved puzzles they discovered the codes needed to open the combination locks and release further puzzles and padlocks. Teamwork and problem solving skills led many of our groups to open the final box before the timer elapsed.

In all, this was a fantastic day, with all boys enjoying their sessions and developing their problem solving and teamwork skills at the same time.

Mr M. Chessum

Head of Scholars and Mathematics