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Visit to Mandir Temple 2nd July 2017

The Year 6 boys left on Friday 23rd June to travel to the Hindu Mandir Temple in Neasden. We were greeted warmly by all the staff there and after taking off our shoes we went through into the main temple. The boys had to be completely silent as there were people worshipping the shrines all around them. We saw some magnificent architecture. The ceilings were carved out of beautiful marble, with intricate patterns and designs. The entrance of the Haveli was carved out of wood and the design was stunning. The boys were able to walk round the different shrines to the gods. Some were quite elaborate and used gold leaf. They were able to recognise some of the different gods they had been studying.

The boys then completed work in the exhibition ‘Understanding Hinduism’. As the oldest known religion today, boys were able to discover the history of the religion and how different Indian tribes had contributed to our understanding of Maths and Science today. After this we observed a ceremony in the main temple. We heard monks chanting from their holy books and watched the Arti lamp waved in front of the shrines. Some of our own boys who are Hindus were able to take part in the ceremony. The boys were then able to ask lots of questions to a practising Hindu from the temple. We then were able to enjoy a lovely lunch outside in the park.

The boys behaviour was outstanding. As staff, we were so proud of the manners and respect they showed to others around the temple. They worked silently and asked very interesting questions. It certainly was a fascinating trip and we were treated to such a kind and gracious welcome by all at the temple.

Mrs Zoe Francis

Classics, RS

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