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Year 5 Expedition Week 5th July 2017

Year 5 had an extremely busy and exciting Residential Week at Osmington Bay PGL Centre in Dorset this year.

On the way to the centre, the boys had the opportunity to explore the Tank Museum in Bovington, where they were able to explore the largest collection of tanks and armoured vehicles in the world! The boys were full of questions and headed for the First World War Section firstly to see the tanks they had been learning about in class. Soon after they moved around the Museum looking at the old, modern and curious vehicles including the World’s First tank (Little Willy), the tanks used in Brad Pitt’s war film “Fury”, the infamous German Tiger tanks and more modern vehicles used by the British Army in Afghanistan and Iraq. The shop was very popular too and for the remainder of the week we had small model tanks on display in almost every dorm room at the Centre.

The boys all arrived at the centre on Monday afternoon, full of energy and excitement and began their time in Osmington Bay with a quick trip to the beautiful nearby beach. After dinner, it was time for some teamwork and group fun with the evening’s activity: Robot Wars!

Day 2 started with a group sing-a-long led by Miss Hawtone on the lawn out the front of the dorm rooms where the boys were very quickly encouraged to be ‘Alive, Alert, Awake, Enthusiastic’! They then met with their fabulous group leaders (Joe and Alex) who took them over to the Dining Hall for their first breakfast.

The rest of the week continued to provide opportunities for children to work together as team members, creating plans and solving problems, as well as reacting positively to different challenges. The activities included abseiling, a giant swing, raft building, a zip wire, a beach/coastal walk, orienteering and many others. The evenings consisted of a variety of action-packed fun, from ‘Passport to the World’ to a PGL cinema experience and even a disco with boys and girls from other schools on the final evening. Before the boys knew it, Friday had crept up on them and it was time for the final activity of dragon boating held off-site at the multi-million pound 2012 Olympic water sports facility on the Isle of Portland!

It was a truly wonderful week for the boys and staff alike. I’m sure that each of the boys is already looking forward to the exciting adventures of their Year 6 Residential Week now!

Photos from the trip can be viewed in our Media Gallery:

Miss A Hawtone,

Head of Year 5


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