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Year 7 Expedition Week 2017 5th July 2017

The Year 7 Expedition set off to Normandy on Sunday 25th June. We travelled from Portsmouth on the overnight ferry and arrived in St Malo after twelve hours on the boat.  

Once arrived at the Chateau, the boys did not waste any time getting stuck in the different activities.  These included, French workshops, bread making, fencing, archery, climbing and orienteering. They also thoroughly enjoyed getting covered in mud in the infamous “parcours de santé”, a highlight for most of the boys. All boys took part in the talent show and performed either a rap, a song or a sketch in French in front of a lively audience. Even the teachers had a go, either singing or taking part in a limbo dance. 

On the Thursday we had a memorable excursion at the magnificent Mont St Michel, visiting the abbey in the morning before walking across the bay in the afternoon. Led by our guide Bertrand, we made our way through the quick sands and strong currents and reached the other side of the bay almost three hours later. The changing colours of the sand and the sky offered some breathtakingly beautiful views.

After a fantastic time at the château, we began the journey back to SHS, but not before stopping off at a traditional French market where boys could stock up on “grenadine” and other French delicacies before heading off to Calais to catch our shuttle train. 

The boys came back with a renewed confidence in their ability to understand and speak French and were congratulated for their positive attitude throughout the trip. It was absolute pleasure for us teachers to take them to Normandy. 

Please view some of the photos from the trip in our Media Gallery:

Miss E Morand

French Department



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