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Year 4 Expedition Week 2017 6th July 2017

The week began with great expectations for Year 4 as they waited for the bus to take them to the PGL Centre in Hindhead.  The weather was beautiful as we set off looking forward to two and a half days of fun activities.  The boys were not disappointed as they were thrown into two very different challenges on the very first afternoon:  the Giant Swing and the Adventure Challenge.   The Griant Swing was tremendous fun and a firm favourite of the boys who loved being pulled up to a great height and then dropped suddenly to swing in mid-air!  Quite an adrenaline rush!   With feet firmly on the ground, the boys then proceeded to an obstacle course challenge with each activity surrounded by mud and muddy water.  Jumping and wading through the mud, to the teachers’ horror, the boys stretched themselves to achieve tasks that they had never done before.  Thankfully, the obligatory shower afterwards returned the boys to us fresh faced and ready for more on the second day.

Day two comprised:  Jacob’s Ladder, The Climbing Wall, Swinging Trapeze and Aeroball activities which were quite exhausting and very high!  The boys loved the challenges and the vast majority made it to the top of each of them.  The great thing was everyone got involved.

Our final morning saw the boys fencing and zooming across the zip wire.  Even brave Mrs Hall and Mrs Kheir had a go!  Every boy had a great time and returned to school in the afternoon buzzing with the things they had done. 

Thursday morning began with a ‘Farmers’ Market’ Activity. The boys were involved in three activities. One of the activities involved the boys in learning about the different areas of the tongue and which taste each area could detect. They were given a diagram of the tongue to label. The boys were asked to taste a piece of bread, crisp and a jelly and to describe whether they were sweet, sour, salty, bitter or sharp. The jelly was a nasty surprise because what they thought was strawberry, turned out to be coffee! The boys’ looks of disgust were a picture! A second activity involved the boys creating a smoothie using a bicycle. The boys each took a turn to peddle as quickly as possible and were then treated to the tasty treat at the end. The last activity involved the boys learning all about a range of different vegetables and their origins in the world.

In the afternoon, the boys participated in a round robin of activities which included an IT activity, science activity, art activity and a ‘Music Band’ workshop. In the ‘Music Band’ workshop, the boys were given electric keyboards, guitars and drums to perform on and all the instructions were issued through headphones. In Science they were able to mimic a bird predator searching for its caterpillar prey on the All Weather Surface.

Friday revolved around preparation for and participation in the annual Year 4 concert during which the boys presented themselves in an exemplary fashion and played and sang with confidence and great skill.  It was a wonderful end to an action packed week and the staff were full of pride and admiration for such a great group of boys.

Please see some photos from our week in the Media Gallery:

Mrs K. Lee

Head of Year 4

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