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Year 8 History Trip to the Mary Rose & HMS Victory 5th December 2017

On Monday, the Year 8 boys were lucky enough to visit the Mary Rose Museum and HMS Victory in Portsmouth. The boys have been learning about The Tudors in Year 7 and this academic year as part of their Common Entrance exam work and scholarship studies, and so this trip was a great opportunity to consolidate their learning.  The boys were split in to two groups and rotated through the Museum guided by volunteers looking at the remains of the preserved ship, a workshop run by the Museum and touring Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory.

The Museum and HMS Victory are both located within the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, which is still in the midst of a working Royal Navy base and nearby we could clearly see modern ships including the brand new fleet flagship, the super carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, the largest warship ever built for the Royal Navy. The contrast could not be greater but in the their respective times the Mary Rose and HMS Victory were both leading warships of their navies, and interestingly HMS Victory is still officially part of the Royal Navy.

One highlight from our day was that the boys were able to handle many real artefacts from the Tudor era recovered from the wreck of the Mary Rose, and bring what they had learnt in the classroom at SHS to life.  The boys also took part in a Museum workshop and there they put their Latin skills to the test by translating the text from one of cannons on board the Mary Rose. The Year 8 boys were a credit to the School and were fully engaged in the experience despite it being quite a long, bitterly cold day. Well done Year 8!

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