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Rugby Festivals 26th January 2018

Over two days in mid-January, Shrewsbury House hosted two Rugby Festivals inviting schools from near and far to play on the all-weather surface. Over 20 schools were represented and 400 boys played across the two days. Both Festivals showed fantastic sportsmanship coupled with very high skill levels from the boys. On each day, we awarded two medals for the ‘Tackle of the Day’ and ‘Most Improved Player of the Day’. Well done to all the boys representing SHS and a special mention to our medal winners:  ‘Most Improved’ Oliver Rees and Felix Gerlach and ‘Tackle of the Day’ Kameron Litten and George Day. Thank you to all parents and staff that came out in the glorious sunshine to support the boys.


  1. William Baker
  2. Zachary Elliott
  3. Charlie Moffatt
  4. Barnaby Norris
  5. Max Stuttard
  6. Tom Noble
  7. Oliver Rees
  8. Kameron Litten
  9. Daniel Casebourne
  10. Rayan Hussain


  1. Alex Simpson
  2. Iestyn Rowe
  3. Jasper Cole
  4. Felix Gerlach
  5. Charles Hammond
  6. Kit Lockard
  7. Lewis Ridley-Smith
  8. Jimmy Sinclair
  9. Louis Wood
  10. Jack McGibbon
  11. Sam McIlroy
  12. George Day
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