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Temple Competition Winners 8th February 2018

Over Christmas, some thirty-seven Year 5 boys took part in the annual and prestigious ‘Year 5 Greek Temple Competition’ organised by Mr Greenwood. Laying aside the frivolities of Christmas, boys set about the difficult task of creating a Parthenon in miniature. It was wonderful to see the fruits of their labours: an astonishing array of structures, subsequently displayed in the New Block corridor. They all differed in terms of material, form and choice of divine dedicatee and each showcased the creativity, resourcefulness and effort of the competitors. Mr Doble had the difficult task of selecting three winners and four runners-up: Harry Duffy, Jasper Boulanger, and Otis Clarke were the winners. The second placed were Max Turner, Jack Cassar-Smith, Alfie Michell and Alexander Harley. Well done to the victors and indeed to all the boys who took part—what an extraordinary effort and spectacle!

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