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History Castle Commendations 8th February 2018

This term the Year 5 History classes have continued their study of Norman England with a focus on castles. They have been looking at the development and evolution of castles as part of the unit on how the Normans kept England under rule.  The boys have looked at the Motte and Bailey design and the later Stone Keep castles; they also studied the weapons used in defence and attack. Their studies culminated with the challenge of designing on paper an impregnable castle that Mr Smart, Head of History, would not be able to break. The boys were limited to the materials and technology of Medieval England, so no machine guns, mines, lasers, barbed wire or crocodiles!

This was a challenge that many boys enjoyed and put considerable energy in to, with a number of very elaborate plans handed in. Several boys went one-step further and built detailed model castles from wood and/or cardboard, which was voluntary and very impressive. The following boys were awarded with a Commendation certificate in Assembly: Henry Hulme, Ethan Koller, Jack McGibbon, Alex Gordon-Smith, Ben Verdult and Ben Clarke. All the Year 5 boys deserve congratulations on their work this term in History.

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