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Year 5 Play - Hercules 9th February 2018

Parents, boys and staff thoroughly enjoyed the Year 5 production of Hercules this week. Lucas Deverill (Year 8), who is part of the Theatre Club here at SHS, wrote the following review of the play:

‘The Year 5’s put in a huge effort as they only had around three weeks to rehearse for the play.  The singing was a great part of Hercules as it was an opportunity for all of the boys to get up and sing their hearts out on stage.  There was some excellent vocal projection by some of the boys, which made it easier to hear.  There were some fantastically written jokes in the play, which were really well executed, and there were some brilliant performances from the year group.  I think the best part of the play was the Shades, because I liked the innovative sheet costumes put together by the boys and their parents.  Well done Year 5!’

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